Indie Games
As a team, we try to keep our amateur soul that fires up our creativity by attending global game jams or making our own. Here is a collection of indie game ideas we created and demos we produced throughout 2015-2019​​​​​​​
- Samurai Baggio
Demo Produced: June 2015
 Windows Game Jam Second-runner Award
Started as a game jam project, Samurai Baggio is a runner game  in which you run as an agile samurai who looks like famous footballer Roberto Baggio and hunt evil spirits with your powerful kick&slash combos.​​​​​​​
- Gojirano Şüreddo
Demo Produced: February 2018​​​​​​​
Music rhythm game with old-school pixel art in which you use guitar like a game console and have to play the right music notes to defense your tower, the pacific beaches.
- Comet Rider
 Demo Produced: June 2018
An adventure game that takes place in a pixel universe, in which you become a glam-haired comet rider on a quest for vengeance and go on adventures around the galaxy as an outlaw.
- Hayalin Derinliklerinde
 Demo Produced: May 2018
An interactive storytelling experience enhanced with animated visual created with traditional art 'Ebru'. The story is based on famous traditional book 'Amak-ı Hayal' in which the decisions you make takes you to different endings.
- Soul Shepherd 
 Demo Produced: January 2016
A puzzle-platform game in which you become a shaman in-training and herd spirits with shamanic rituals.  ​​​​​​​
- Smells Like Mad Blood
 Demo Produced: February 2016
Rogue-Like platform game  we created throughout Global Game Jam weekend, in which you kill the zombie-like town folks as a skilled heroine in a dark, blood soaked environment. 
- Immigrant Idol
Demo Produced: November 2015
A sarcastic quiz-show experience about prejudices that immigrants face. We developed a demo in one day for Amber Game Jam. 
- Corruption Idle
Demo Produced: November 2017